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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
A den of girls? Seriously? Oh jeez. You're talking about being open and focused on sex, which isn't really what poly is about.
Thanks for the response NYC, but no, I am not talking about a Den Of Girls. That has been taken out of context a couple times here now. The "Den of Girls" was an example of what could be done where I live because of the situation on this island (it's a long winded social and economic discussion as to how the girls here would be into that, but suffice to say it could be done.).

But no that is not what I was talking about in my post. Only that one night I used that as an example in my discussions with my wife-to-be as to what is possible here. It wasn't the best vision to throw a mono-wired person who loves you, I admit, but at that time I wasn't even aware that people were "wired". After learning about "wiring" I completely agree with the idea. I see some others try and say that there is no such thing as "wiring" but I completely disagree, and I know too much about psychology to ever think otherwise.

Alright so anyway, just to clarify from my original post, personally, what I want is to be in a relationship with just enough partners as to satisfy my desire to share love whilst not approaching "polysaturation". And to have the freedom to ignite my internal light through flirting with new people. An Open Poly relationship, which is basically an open lifestyle, a poly lifestyle.

However I believe my fiancee either needs to be slowly introduced to all this, or will never be into anything more than playing with threesomes.
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