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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Not in Canada my friend. I can't speak for any other military. I think they would need extenuating circumstances though in any case. If you are a solid serving member with a good record I would think that there would be no real reason. But you could also end up working for a very traditional/religious supervisor which could make life difficult.

I'm out to a very limited number of fellow military members. Primarily this is because a lot of guys would push me with their egotistical, homophobic "you're not enough man" bullshit that I'm sure I would not even bother responding verbally if you get my meaning. I can take a lot of crap directed at me but when people attack those I love, my fuse is particularly short

Well I've been see a lot of similarties between the US and Candian military [aka not so much bullshit (just saying)] so I don't think it will be a problem being a soild servicemember cause I am red white blue and green to the core, but my luck would be getting a higher up that is the super religious guy....he he a Super-Jesus lol j/k/.
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