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Ok, playing devils advocate here.....
Mostly because I dream of having a big house whereas I'm the only female and I've 2 or 3 husbands :-)

A den of girls, a harem, yup, I can see the attraction
Granted I wouldn't want to be there when their menstral cycles line up and there's PMS flying about, but putting that aside for a moment....
Have you thought of the logistics of this? How it could be accomplished?
Setting aside the fact that we all grow differently, have different needs at any particular phase of our lives,
Odds are, one or more within you group will have children, each have their own past/present family/friends... may or may not work, be able to add financially to the collective, may or may not get along with one another....
Are you willing/able to accept responsibility for several women's needs/wants as well as those of their children (present & future), to house them, feed, them, care for them not only superficially/financially but also emotionally & spiritually, helping each of them grow into whomever they wish to become?

Honey, you may want to think about this a bit more before going to the hardware store to cut keys for your front door
Have you heard of in-line families?
I'm researching this actually, seems very well thought out....

If I had a magic wand and could "pooff" your desired world now exists, what do you see? Start easy with the logistics (housing, medical, school/education, whatnot), them try and move into the "soft" aspects; emotions

On my side I logic/lie to myself in thinking men are different then women so having 2-3 men under the same roof would be easier than having 2-3 women, and in some senses that may be true (please people, don't flame me for this, just call me naive and laugh, please, I like my dream even if in practice it may not hold together... but I don't know that yet as my reality isn't there yet)
But even then, I have to consider their children, their exs, their families, friends, coworkers...
Trying to get one relationship solid is hard enough, trying to get multiples under one roof in a long term growth oriented structure.... My ideal, yes, but I know it's going to be a heck of a lot of work/negotiation/compromise and as people are ever changing, just as everything is going well, life will send us another curve ball....

Think about it....... In your ideal situation, beyond sexual fantasies, what does it look/feel like.... And are these views/perceptions possible or just a great wet dream?
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