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Default Oh well, live and learn

Our triad is no more.

I have completely removed my okcupid ad and I'm not sure that I will ever do this again. At least not the triad thing.

In some ways I feel like that what I've learned is that I have neither the time nor energy to devote to more than one romantic interest at a time. In another way I think that the problem was that it was a triad and that everybody had to talk to everybody before anybody did anything... and well, that didn't work out well.

And there were certainly aspects of the relationship that went way too far, way too fast.

I found out, late, that Bear did not want to have a romantic relationship, at least not with anyone but me... he wants a female fuck buddy that comes over, plays, then goes away. In short, he's more interested in swinging.

Despite all of this... gah, WHY does life have to be complicated? LOL A friend of mine that about a year ago chased me, got me in bed and then decided that she couldn't have a relationship with me, just started flirting and chasing again. WTF?

Now, the reason we didn't have a relationship was because she decided that I was a sub (which I'm not) and she was afraid that she would chew me up. What she found out much later was that I was acting with her the way I was acting because I thought that she had never been with a woman and I didn't want to freak her out. So I was very low key, let her take a lot of the lead.... instead of jumping her like a raving lunatic. ::eye roll::

So, now I'm being chased again.

I really don't know what to do with her. I think I'll sit in my tower and let her climb the walls LOL Let her shower me with gifties while I take my own sweet time considering the entire thing.

Meanwhile, I would like to remain friends with Lovely, but I'm not sure how that's going to play out.

For right this instant though.... I've been home from the local high school football game (which our guys won, 43-35) for about half an hour and I need a shower. Despite the wind blowing it was still hot tonight. Ick.

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