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Originally Posted by Sweetheart View Post
After discovering that some of us seem to have a background in stripping (or related work), I was wondering exactly how many of us have been involved in the business?

One hand raised here (my wife, not me).
Aside from one night many years (and many pounds) ago, I can't say as I've done much stripping.

I did manage an adult/lingerie shop for a while and had many strippers for regular customers. I was probably the only man in the area to walk into the strip clubs and pay attention to what the dancers were wearing. I kept track of shoes, bikinis, lingerie, body glitter--you name it. If I hadn't sold them what they were wearing, I made it a point to chat with them to find out what it'd take to get them in my store so I could sell them what they wore to work.

And my regular customers would come running to chat with me when I showed up. The other men in the bar must have wondered what my Sekrit Power of Attraction was....
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