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Originally Posted by Petunia View Post
To the seasoned poly people with a primary partner, have you found that having outside relationships has enhanced your primary relationship over the long haul?
For us, yes, absolutely. We have become far better communicators. I am a lot happier and content being able to feel free to be poly and following the callings of my heart. We have more true quality time together. Someone who had just met us asked me today how long we had been together and when we said "21 years" she commented that we looked like our relationship was brand new.

Originally Posted by Petunia View Post
Has it strengthened that bond or has it diminished it as your feelings for others have grown?
Strengthened it, most definitely.

Originally Posted by Petunia View Post
Do you limit how attached or how deep your outside relationships can become?
No, not at all - that would feel contrived.

Originally Posted by Petunia View Post
Have you implemented safeguards to protect your core relationship?
By "core" I assume you mean the primary, original relationship? If so, no we haven't. We were cautious earlier on as to what it would do to us, but it turned out that the fears were completely unjustified.

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