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Originally Posted by Skye View Post
Welcome to the board. You being mono and him poly? Is there a reason why you can't both be poly? Sorry, just asking since your intro doesn't explain very much.
Hi, Skye . Well, he and I are kind of both new to this. We've both been mono until recently, when he expressed an interest in becoming poly. He mentioned wanting to add a girl to our relationship. Since I'm bisexual, he's hoping that I'll fall in love with the girl that he ends up (I have no idea what the term is) dating. I'll allow that might happen, of course, since I have no way of knowing. Mostly, I see how badly he wants this, and I've read a couple of websites (and a bit of The Ethical Slut), so I think that a monopoly relationship is something that can definitely work out for the two (and later three) of us. [Kind of a long explanation, sorry!] As for both of us being poly, he'd be fine with it if I either dated another girl or fell in love with the girl that he dates, but he's sensitive about me dating another guy. Mostly ... I'm just really hopeful. I've heard a lot of good things about monopoly relationships working out. I just wish I had more resources, more ways of learning, you know?
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