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I found out how to search tags. Thank you Red Pepper.

Right now it is mind boggling. I'm not going to be able to read much before Cat comes here. I'm at work. Reading & writing on my iPad.

You know, the more I read about polyamory the more I think that Cat should also read up on it. From what I read Cat may not even be poly, she does not seem to have the values that I'm seeing in poly relationships because she and Kim don't tell each other about all their partners, they may or may not allude to the fact that they have other partners, mostly they seem to be in a "don't ask don't tell" sort of relationship.

Kim is refusing to accept that Cat and I are really serious. That's why she and Cat call me "the boy toy" when they talk about me.

Cat did not tell Kim about our relationship. I did. A couple of days
ago And Kim brushed me off as just being a stand in until she gets here. I thought that was rude, but realized that Cat is kind of afraid to tell Kim how serious we are. After I told Kim she's been cold to me and avoids talking to me. Even though we've been friends longer than her & Cat. But I never knew she was poly. She had told me she was bi.

These things are red flagging for me. They don't seem like what a true poly relationship is from what I'm reading.

I'm going to direct Cat to this forum so she can read about poly relationships.

Maybe Cat and Kim are just mixed up and don't know what real polyamory is?

I don't know and I won't assume. I'll hope that Cat is open to reading about poly relationships and that we can have an adult discussion about it. She tends to avoid adult discussions. All I can do is try to stay positive and non-judgmental and hope for some understanding to come out of this weekend.

I'm so glad I found this forum.

Thank you all!


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