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thanks redsalamander! sorry you are feeling that way.. I have to say I don't always feel that way, fortunately. I am, overall, fine with them dating, hanging out, having sleepovers. I do have my triggers, but that's another story. BUT, it's the meeting her face to face that is really hard for me. Something about seeing her, feeling her energy, makes everything so incredibly close and sensitive. I tend to be more jealous after I've seen her, because it feeds my tendency to visualize things (like, them having sex).

Now my husband is completely the opposite... when he is jealous or insecure, he wants to meet my lovers, he says that seeing them as a real person instead of as just an image in his head, kills the demons.

well, I'd rather just have the images, and not feed them with fresh video material, thank you very much

so interesting how everyone is so different...
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