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Default Need some pep talk for tonight, seeing my metamour

background: my husbands GF cheated on him. It looked like they were to break up, but they're back together, trying to make it work. I did not really trust her before this happened, and of course, the cheating did not help

anyway, tonight I'm going to an event where both she and my husband will be present. I haven't seen her since the whole thing happened. He is essentially going with her, I'm going alone or possibly with a friend. Its kind of hard to explain the dynamics of the event without going into specifics, but I'll just say that she'll be more on the hosting side and I'll be more on the guest side (I'm going there to support a close friend of mine, who's also on the hosting side).

GF is beautiful, glamorous and will be in her own world and element.
I've put on my sexiest dress and high heels.
And am freaking out.

All my insecurities about not being pretty or beautiful or interesting enough are kicking in. I know they're stupid.
I was doing pretty well recently... but the thought of the confrontation is just SO stresfull. Can't make these voices shut up... that my husband will be more proud of her than me.
He's there with her, and will leave with her.

Help! pep talk needed!
early forties, straight.
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