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I'm speaking as someone for whom BDSM is a regular part of my life, and has been for a while.

Please please please be mindful of your boundaries! If you don't want to do something kinky, then don't. Kink is about playing around with some of the darker, twisty, turny parts of your brain, and if it's not something that pleases you, you run the risk of feeling really messed up about it. This is not a place to compromise.

His idea about you finding someone for him-- that itself is pushing you into a kinky fantasy scene. It's pushing you to participate (giving him away to another dominant). And that rejection of your boundaries feels rude.

It sounds like he not only fails to see that you are being incredibly supportive of his kink, but he's blowing any chance of creating a safe space for you-- if there is any tiny little bit of something kinky that might appeal to you, you're not going to feel safe to explore that with him, because he's so pushy!
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