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Default hello all. ty for your time.

Gather round while I tell the tale, that had been experienced by many

My husband and I have been married for 10 years. We are honest with each other, we are respectful, and we are doing great. I am an openly bisexual woman, and I have been since I was 16. He knows about it and fully accepts it. We just recently started talking about polyamory, and other relationship types. We have 2 situations. Sit. 1) We want a woman in the house that is the wife I am not. I love to cook, and I adore raising our children, but I am not by any means domestic. I want a woman who likes to clean, and do laundry. We want someone that will be a member of our family. I don't want just a casual fuck buddy. our biggest concern is always the safety of our children. We are so hesitant to get to know a woman, because you never see the real psycho's coming. I have been in serious relationships with women before, and I feel like a piece of me is missing by not having a woman to walk beside me in life along with my hubby. I want a woman who is bisexual, and doesn't need to be in a threesome all the time. It can be her and him, or her and I...or we all just sleep and cuddle. Well, they can cuddle, I'm not much on being touched all the time.

Sit. 2) there is a friend of ours (we will call him V), that we have both known for 10 years. He is couple years younger then us, was part of our wedding, is considered family. I love him, and do not want to live a life where V isn't a part of it. My hubby how I feel, and is secure his knowledge that I love no other the way I love my hubby. He is, and always will be. He has said he whole heartedly approves of V being a part of us. (hubby is not gay, not bi-curious, nor is he heteroflexible) his only stipulations if our friend agrees, V has to get a full medical work up to prove no std's before any sexual stuff can happen between us, and if he has sex with someone not me while we are together, he has to get tested before resuming relations. And lastly, V must be willing to protect our children as if they were his own ( he has been there since day one of their lives, everyday, so this stipulation goes without saying). Him and I have never had sex, and he says I am the only person he has ever loved. When I asked how he felt about joining a polyamorous relationship, he said he would consider it.

My question to all the successful poly couples out there is this: with the communication, honesty, and groundwork in effect, how do we move on to the next step of making it happen?
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