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However, I just wanted to point out, as an aside to the rest of the conversation, that some people, myself included, are not at all adept at holding a significant conversation by telephone.
Agreed. But I meant talking in person at his house. There's other places to go other than come for the weekend to spend time in his home with his mom picking her up when he's already said he's not cool with that. She insisted. That's not nice. Feels kinda pushy.

Well for this it is done, she's already coming.

But for the OP --next time remember there's other places you can take it. It is easy to feel cornered in conversation. It is totally ok to say "Um... I'm not keen on that idea. But I can't think of another. Do YOU have a second choice option?" if you feel stuck.

More ideas --

Could talk on phone only.
Could Skype.
Could ask for time out to think --- will get back to you on that.
Could meet for a date at bookstore or something midpoint between their homes in neutral turf.

But not just acquiesce when she insists to spend weekend at his place when things are clearly weird between them. It is hard enough to maintain boundaries when things are weird than to get one into "heat of the moment" things or be putting out his whole family.


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