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Default Our M

I am thinking of my metamour tonight.

M has gone to hospital. She will be all right, but she's stuck there for the weekend, it seems, and this was supposed to be their time to relax together. Both of them had unexpected time free from work obligations -- that's so rare for them. CdM has also had a shorter night's sleep thanks to, ah, me. (It's not what you think. He gets up very early in order to get to work from my place. Also, we were poking fun at my colloquial, learned-at-Oma's-knee German.)

(The best way to drift off to sleep is to laugh together.)

At least she has her ebooks and her music to keep her company, but I do wish they'd put her in a nice room with a cot for him. Even if she has been given the Good Drugs, they'd be together.

So this is the downside of compersion. When you share their joys, you also share their sorrows.
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