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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
It lessens each time, but never truly goes away. One adult goes away, people barely notice, one kids goes away and the house gets eerily quite.
Oh my, so true. We are tripping over the quiet around here.... and the lack of things to do for him. No lunches to make, no scheduled dinner, no massive amounts of laundry, no deciding who stays home with the boy, no endless prompts to get out the door for the day.

He has called three times so far in less than 24 hours. This afternoon he called to say he was standing on the glass floor of the CN tower looking down while he ate his piece of cheese pizza. He was so excited each time he called.

Its a trip of a life time to go and do something like that with grand parents. To think it was not that long ago that I was telling my mum that she had better work on her approach and judgment of my lifestyle or she wouldn't see him again. Worth every bit of the work with her for her to take him there and for me to hear his voice so happy and excited on the phone.
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