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Default Poly or not?

I found out some time ago that my wife had renewed a relationship with a man from her past- more than twenty years in her past, via the internet and email. Since then, they have begun to talk on the phone occasionally, as well as daily emails. When they knew each other before, they slept together, but he lives too far away for that to happen now, except maybe on rare occasions. She will talk to me about what they say, and she admits that she loves him. He knows that I'm aware of their relationship, but I don't know if he is aware that I support my wife in doing whatever she is comfortable with to strengthen her relationship to "BF". I haven't talked to him, nor have I ever met him, since he was long gone when she and I got married. She's still a little nervous about my involvement, but gradually getting used to it. This has only been going since earlier this year. As I see it, she's polyamorous, and I'm just trying to enjoy her experience. She's not comfortable with that lable, either. Comments, questions, advice?
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