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Just a quick update.

No real progress. She is hiding from the issue I think. A couple weeks ago I wrote her a letter explaining my feelings as well as some info on what polyamory was. She refuses to open and read it. When I bring it up I am told that she is still trying to get her head around the issue and she cant read it right now. It's been a month now with no real discussion about the issue aside from the one time in the counselors office which was just a rehash of what was going on.

She has talked to a couple of her friends about it. I'm not sure what they have said since she wont talk about it.

I'm finding it very hard to keep a positive attitude. I'm also finding it hard to keep patient. I haven't been sleeping very well either.

I have started hakomi therapy and have been training with a relationship coach. This has helped a bit since it gives me something to distract myself with while at the same time helping me to build a strong frame.

I also started a profile on okcupid and have been reaching out to other poly individuals.
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