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met my ex W, who started working at a strip club, met his co worker J (whom later became my hubby), he stopped working there for a bit, then fell on hard times and went back, but with me in toe, worked as a waitress at first, then got talked/coerced into going up on stage one night, under other circumstances it may have turned out differently, as it was turned into a horrible evening and something i don't remember fondly but my ex was an abusive jerk so all things surrounding my time with him are sullied by that really

long winded bit here, but helps explain why i was curious and thought i might enjoy stripping, but it went very poorly instead, while with the ex I started discovering differnet aspects of sex like BDSM and other kinks I was finding I really liked but with the negative aspects of the abuse, verbal, physical and emotional, it was hard to show any interest in new things when one moment he would praise an idea i had and the next he'd chastise me for having it, you can see why i finally stopped sharing my thoughts

luckily we broke up and i moved on to find J again we got together and fell in love and got married, yeah happy ending! heheh
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