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I have been finding it difficult for me to communicate with my spouse. He has it in his head that he only wants to include another female. The last one we got involved with was straight - hence my thinking perhaps I should be allowed to have a "friend" of my own since he obviously didn't stick to the "rules" he himself created. He said he wanted me and a bi girl for us to form a triad of a family. However it didn't seem to mind that the girl we had had a relationship was not bi - and I was left being rejected by her and I felt also betrayed by him for not protecting me.

I guess with this poly life style I am realizing that there are many different forms of relationships....and there will always be some form of jealousy - and I have had to deal with it - I feel that he should learn to deal with it as well if i wanted to have another man in my life.

I guess I am just venting here really - trying to figure out what is "right" and what is "wrong"....
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