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Originally Posted by BloodGamers View Post
Wow thank you mono for that indepth look.

The only reason I'm worried about having a poly relationship, which for me would be my wife and one sister-wife to whom I will always be faithful to both of them, would be if it would be enough for me to be discharged if one of my superiors found out.
Not in Canada my friend. I can't speak for any other military. I think they would need extenuating circumstances though in any case. If you are a solid serving member with a good record I would think that there would be no real reason. But you could also end up working for a very traditional/religious supervisor which could make life difficult.

I'm out to a very limited number of fellow military members. Primarily this is because a lot of guys would push me with their egotistical, homophobic "you're not enough man" bullshit that I'm sure I would not even bother responding verbally if you get my meaning. I can take a lot of crap directed at me but when people attack those I love, my fuse is particularly short

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