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Okay - so apparently my husband has instituted a OPP - is this fair? At first I was okay with this arrangement but now that I see that he has no problems with other women and I have no problems with other women - why can't I have another guy then?

My hubs is very jealous - very double standard. I once brought it up about maybe having a boy friend and he said if I did that - that we would get divorced. Now here is my thing - he is the one who is poly - and over the years I have adjusted and accepted this as a lifestyle I want...but I haven't left him or divorced him when he makes love to another woman - why this double standard.

I am wondering if he in fact does not understand what Poly is....and maybe this is him just getting what he wants...which is not fair to me. Now all that being said - I am perfectly comfortable having a GF and have not even talked to another man - but what if I want to?

Any other OPP people out there?
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