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Originally Posted by yul View Post
I indeed work in the computer business and train martial arts. I love both to death but there is no possibility of meeting the kind of people I would like to meet there.

And yes, there are plenty of losers in the bar scene as well as performing arts.

I have actually been involved for in it for some time...attention seekers, drugs/alcoholism, manipulators...been there done that.

Especially with the facebook craze, everybody wants to be a celebrity and am very tired.
There are no women involved in computers or martial arts? This is me tilting my head sideways. Considered taking lessons at a different martial arts center? Even just lessons in a different discipline, so you're not slighting your current teacher? Or volunteering at your own, maybe to teach self-defense classes? And I know perfectly well that there are women in IT. My partner and my father both work with them.

Forget the bar scene. That's for getting drunk and fucking. But seriously, no nice people backstage in theatre? I understand not wanting to mess with actors, and directors of all genders can get... interesting... as opening night draws nearer. You can't make friends with a makeup lady or a costumer? Both are still woman-dominated areas.

What, exactly, are you looking for in a woman friend?
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