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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
We've lately been discussing this topic in our V....our recently divorced friend is thinking of having her old engagement/wedding rings broken down and having 3 rings made with all the diamonds dispersed among the three new rings so we all have a part of her. Very thoughtful of her to want to do that. I suspect my wife and I will still wear our modest wedding bands too but we haven't discussed that yet. Of course, we all 3 could just take the easy way out and order 3 distinctly matching bands that should signify to all that we are together. That would be fun to watch at parties as people put 2 and 2 together!

What kind of ceremony to do? Don't know what's legal or if we even want to do anything legal but surely a commitment ceremony of some sort is in the offing.
We are leaning more towards the distinctly matching bands that represent polyamory and our love for one another.

We have not discussed the ceremony yet, it will just be a private commitment ceremony. I know we can not do anything legal, which is not fair, but is life.
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