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Wink Brand new to "quad relationship"

Hello everyone! I'm 26 years old, and my husband is 29, and we've had an open marriage for a little over 2 years now. We've been very successful thus far by continuing to communicate with each other at all times.

Recently, we seem to have entered a "quad" relationship with another couple. All four of us are new to this, but I seem to be the one with all the answers for everyone else, because I read a lot, and I just figure that it's like any other relationship, just with more people. Right now, because it is new, I would like to just let it flow, and see where it goes. I'm definitely interested in it developing into an emotional relationship to go along with the fantastic sex that I am getting from it, but I don't like over analyzing things unnecessarily.

The relationships within the quad are my husband and myself, the other couple (engaged), myself and both of them, my husband and the woman.

I've known the man in the other relationship for several years, and the rest of us all just met about 4 weeks ago, when our "playing around" started.

I'm not sure what I'm wanting to ask... I can feel a question in there somewhere, but any advice or anecdotes that anyone would like to share with me would be greatly appreciated.

Nice meeting everyone! I look forward to picking your brains and seeing how other people do this.
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