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The question I think you are asking is:

Why is society not flexible enough to allow the people it is trying to serve to do everything they want to do?

My answer to that begins in the courts. The courts are where people who are fighting tend to go to settle their differences. In this world, more people fight with each other than get along with each other. That means society has to come up with a way to manage the fact that it is asked to play a role in settling those differences. The burden that management task places on society is so large than society responds to that burden by placing restrictions on what it's people can do. Those restrictions attempt to limit the fighting that can happen, therefore the burden society must shoulder as it participates in the settlement of those disputes.

The side effect of those restrictions is limited freedoms. Stepping out of theory and getting practical, there are a lot of grey areas in those restrictions that can be legally and reasonable used by individuals to create the flexibility and opportunities they seek. I would say the grey areas between contract law and institutional restrictions is the place to go to find those opportunities.
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