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Default round and round and round...

I brought up poly with my wife two years ago. She's monogamous, and we've been married for almost 10 years now. After a few months we had basically talked through all the basic objections to polyamory, and were left with I want it, she doesn't.

So we talk about going for a poly/mono arrangement. She won't say "No, never." But she won't say "ok, let's try a baby step" either. We're stuck in the world of "Maybe, but I'm not ready. It would break me if we did it now."

There's been lots of therapy, and lots of communication, and that's pretty much the steady state. We're stuck at "maybe", and neither one of us is happy.

I feel like the most wonderful parts of myself are poisonous to the person I love most. And she feels like she's limiting my life. It hurts, and there are no easy answers.

Has anyone been here before? What happened?
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