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Thank you Musical Rose.

I guess she thought that since I said I was fine with Pansexuality that I meant I was fine with everything else. When I asked her what pansexuality was she only told me that it means she can love men or women. I thought it was kinda like being bi, and then I looked it up and thought it meant that she was more into emotional intimacy than physical, I just got confused but thought that she only had one relationship at a time.

The poly stuff I only found out by reading her twitter that she posts publicly, not @ me.

I will have to ask her why she didn't come right out and tell me at the start when I asked if she was seeing anyone that she was poly. Or ever bring it up to me. Or tell me that she still considers herself in a relationship with the other girl. Maybe she knew I was old fashioned in romance and would not want to be her boyfriend. I don't know.

She's told me she's had a few boyfriends and girlfriends, and that the other girl was even engaged to someone else when they were together - and I assumed they were over with - she would not give me any details but to say it was a complicated relationship. And at no time did she tell me that it's still going on, and to find out about it on twitter makes me feel really awful.

She doesn't know that I know about the poly stuff. Or I don't think she does, maybe she mentioned it and I thought she was talking about pansexuality. I had never heard of either pan or poly before. So I may have got confused. Maybe she did mention it and I didn't know what she was talking about. I'm quite dyslexic and have auditory processing delay. That can cause oral communication problems for me.

She is arriving on Friday afternoon while I'm at work, my mom will be picking her up. I guess I will talk to her Friday evening when I get home. I hope it doesn't go bad, because she's taking a greyhound bus here and is staying until Tuesday, so if it goes bad it will be really awkward since her buses are already booked.

I'm just really really really confused about the whole thing. And scared.

Thank you for your help.

Confuzzled Panda
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