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Default Three strikes....

I'm grieving pretty damn hard right now.

Things have been hunky dory over the last few weeks with my sweeties. Boundaries have been respected, a commitment to stabilizing our relationship was made, I've been feeling good.

To be slammed in the face again.

My female partner met some dude for the first time off of Fetlife yesterday, and performed oral sex on him. She told neither our male partner or me about this til after the fact. This is dangerous, unsafe behaviour!!!Not just in regards to STI's, but what if something happened to her?!

She wants to work on our relationship agreement, to make sure everyone's desires are met so we don't stray. I'm frightened, I don't want to write an agreement that for me would simply become about protecting myself from this kind of behaviour.

We are talking on Friday, their belongings are packed in the meantime. My head can't wrap itself around a way to make this better at the moment.
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