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Originally Posted by Lemondrop View Post
Mellsey, are you planning a commitment ceremony? Do you feel that this would be on the level of a group marriage? I've considered a group marriage, but I'm a little afraid I'd be jumping into it too quickly. Would you be replacing your wedding rings altogether?

Honestly, I like the idea of a claddagh--two hands holding a heart seems to sum it all up for me. If you're looking to have something made, perhaps you could all discuss symbols that you feel embody what makes the relationship special, or represent each of you.
We really have not talked about what type of ceremony we will do, but yes it would be a group marriage and yes it would replace our mono wedding rings. That is one thing all four of us have agreed upon. When and what we will do is still undesided. I have been looking at the celtic rings and the infinity knot is pretty cool looking.
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