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Originally Posted by Panda View Post
As I mentioned this is my first real relationship, I want my first time sexually to be special. Maybe old fashioned for a guy but I'm an old fashioned gentleman even though I'm only 20.
I'm confused by this statement, unless what you really wanted to say, is that you can't feel special if she loves this other girl also.

Big problem. I don't want to be in a poly relationship with her and the other girl.
For some reason it sounds like you think your gf expects you to be sexual with both of them. I highly doubt this would ever be the case.

You and your gf need to do some serious communicating. You both seem to have made a lot of assumptions. I'll bet she thought you understood that when she said "pansexual" she really meant... and you assumed this other girl was in the past without getting clarification. Since your here on the board, do some tag searches on communicating and mono/poly type relationship. There is a great deal of information that is essential to ANY relationship format. At least when it comes time to walk away because you KNOW you can't share your gf with anyone, then it won't be a decision you took lightly without some research.
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