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Default Everybody All at Once

Taking a quick break from code monkeying at work to intro myself now that Skye and Avatar have...and I'm stealing what they said and editing it further! LOL

Hi there. I am a guy who is part of a quad with my wife, whose username I'm not aware of on here, of 10 years and another married couple. We have been on and off quadded for the past two-ish years, but have remained best friends throughout. She and I have one child and Skye & Avatar have two kids about a decade apart. I am the biological father of their youngest (call it a gift, call it sperm donation, whichever) but they are the primary caregivers.

We are basically out to all our families and there's been a mix of support and disapproval.

The four of us, plus our three kids, are utterly, and completely, chosen family and this will never change.

Our personal arrangements allow for outside, agreed upon, partners. We have a hierarchy within the quad that our married partners are priority. I am lovers with the other female of the quad, but not sexually intimate with Avatar. Does that make a letter or a shape? I'm not sure...maybe a W. We're a W. Wait, no, that takes 5 people....

I'm really just looking to discuss and learn about the various ways we all do this and handle the different challenges we face.

So, hey y'all! What's up?
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