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Some news on the divorce front. Not much though.

First, because Raga had said back on the beginning of June that he had asked for a birth certificate on his side, I sent him an email to check on that. My lawyer had made a request as well so we didn't need it, but I figured I'd give him another chance to do something to help rather than make things more complicated.
He replied that he didn't trust me to send the engagement ring back (can't remember if I mentioned it. We left it behind in France, I asked my parents to send it back, they never did, we assumed it was lost. When I got back to France, since it's a family heirloom and important to my in-laws, I tried to check if it still existed and managed to get it back).
So basically he said he'd send me the birth certificate, but only if I sent the ring back, or gave it to a third party we both trusted.

Since I didn't actually need the birth certificate from him, I got annoyed by that attempt at blackmailing me, and the whole "I don't trust you" part was even worse. So I replied with an annoyed email, and we had a few exchanges when we settled some things from our relationship and the breakup itself. I was happy to make things clearer.
Didn't accomplish anything about the divorce, though.

I looked at an escrow place that might be able to take the ring. They haven't gotten back to me with a price for keeping it yet. Hopefully it's not too much because at this rate we'll have to pay for years.

As far as our second request for the birth certificate goes, we got the reply, a negative one, as I feared. But the lawyer has assured me that there is precedent for using the refusal to give us a birth certificate instead of using a birth certificate, so that should be fine. She told me I should ask Raga to give me a written permission to ask for the birth certificate, for which I have to laugh since I asked back in May and probably a couple of times since. It would have taken him a few minutes to write it, and possibly a bit longer to access a scanner and scan it, but still it would have been little trouble and he never did it. I don't expect he'd be any faster now if I asked for the nth time, especially since we have the official rejection letter now that we can use.

I just wish it hadn't taken so long, this whole thing started in May (for the French divorce, that is. It started in May 2010 for the Canadian one) and we have made no progress so far. When they refused us the first time because we sent the wrong form, I wish they had taken a quick look and seen that they would have said no anyways. Would have saved us another 4-5 weeks.

Anyway, I'll be seeing the lawyer again soon, and I guess we'll talk about the next steps to take.
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