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Originally Posted by newbie1 View Post
Well we have called it quits on finding our "unicorn" as we realize that things must develop naturally and not be forced. I guess my hope is that we can compromise on some things in our own relationship that would help us in the future. I would like for the Triad to work out so much!! I would love nothing more than to have a monogamous triad with my husband myself and our bi-female lover. I want to fluid bond and feel the love and love her and my husband and just be happy and be a family.

But the more I start to read others stories and the more I realize this is a fantasy...this is a dream. Perhaps it is time to compromise? He could have a girlfriend and I could have one as well.

Just really not sure where to go from here....I feel like I lost my dream...xo
Just keep talking a lot to your husband about everything and I think that new possibilities will make themselves known. What's wrong with you each having a separate girlfriend?
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