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Originally Posted by newbie1 View Post
Perhaps if you give your wife some additional attention she may come around? Also, have your lover and wife met? Do you think they could be friends? Maybe if the two of them forge a bond or friendship this may put your wives' mind at ease. I know it seems strange - but I am in your wives situation now and only trying to perhaps give you some insight into how she may be feeling.

Good Luck to the 3 of you. I hope that you can find balance with your wife and lover.
I have been giving her more attention, part of the problem is the uncertainty on the part of my lover which is hard for me, and of course I get depressed and this is hard for my wife to watch. I would like them to become friends, but it seems difficult for that to happen. It's likely we will meet in the next month or so, but at a location that's remote, so it's hard to see my wife and lover meeting.
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