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Back from camp and back to work today. I will wait to write about it though as some stuff is emotionally raw still. Still in the processing stage. All in all a good time.

Met some fun people, learned some stuff about my self in context to the community at large and came home pondering... Yesterday I had a long day of gardening and cleaning up camping equipment. Lots of time to ponder. Now I have a very neat and tidy garden and clean camping equipment.

LB leaves for Toronto today on a flight with my parents. I'm thinking mostly of that. My 9 year old is being a brave big boy who will be smothered by my extended families friends. I gave him all the advice I could think of, packed his bag and away he goes. Does that feeling of missing your arm ever go away as a parent when ones kid is not close and accessible?

Date with Brad tonight. Its been a week of not seeing each other which included a few days of no contact at all. I am so looking forward to catching up.
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