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Default New to the board, looking for community

Hi there. I am a female that is part of a quad with my husband of 17 years and another married couple. We have been on and off quadded for the past two+ years, but have remained best friends throughout. My husband and I have two children, and our other half has one child. Our youngest child is biologically not my husband's, she is the other male's of our relationship, (by choice, due to my husband's infertility) but my husband and I are primary in her upbringing. We are out to all our families, although not all are supportive. We are not out, however, to our 11 year old son, which is a quandary. I am hoping to possibly find some support for this here. He does know about our youngest child not being his full sibling, though. The four of us, plus our three kids, are utterly, and completely, chosen family and this will never change.

Our personal arrangements allow for outside, agreed upon, partners. We have a hierarchy within the quad that our married partners are priority. I am lovers with the other female of the quad, but our husbands are not sexually intimate with each other.

I am hoping to find some community here, as it is hard to have to be in the closet with most everyone in real life. My close friends are aware of our lifestyle, but most people are not. My husband and I have had a somewhat open relationship for 8+ years, but we find being committed to another couple works best for us.

Thanks for reading!
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