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Still thinking about our awesome weekend. There was this one moment when we were all eating fresh-caught blue crabs and Gia carefully, carefully slid the bones and cartilage and gunk and such away from the inner meat, somehow managing to keep all the meat connected in one big chunk. I've been eating crabs all my life and I've *never* done that. Then she handed it to me like a flower. Later, on the ride home, we stopped into a grocery store to grab some snacks and she bought three mini-cartons of ice cream, one for each of us. Being fed is one of those things that just makes me feel so cared for.

Their nanny had to cancel at the very last minute this week, and might not be able to work for them in the future, so they're in a bit of a mad scramble at the moment. I took off work on Monday to be with Bee. At one point I had to stop by a farm, and he got to meet some animals, which he really enjoyed. On the ride back, as he made soft noises in the car seat, I felt so warmly pleased to have given him a new experience. I felt like having him as a part of my life gives everything a new layer of meaning. I thought about maybe trying, just trying, to work 10-hour days for a few weeks, to see if I can hack it. If I can, and if my boss is still amenable to the idea, I could take one weekday off per week to be with him. I honestly don't know if I could sustain that, I *hate* getting up early. Still, I ought to at least try. Even if I didn't always end up watching him, it'd be amazing to have an extra day to take classes or do chores or relax.
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