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Thank you Drifter Normally when I find myself confused I think on things and have a tendency to dwell a bit... when that doesn't work I write... and when that doesn't write I often end up posting them on some forum somewhere hoping some random stranger can make sense of my confusion!

I appeared to have reached that same stumbling block again but posting it here and reading Kevins point that if poly/mono were viewed in terms of a sexuality then I would be somewhere in the middle made a lot of sense. From an outside view poly/mono seems like a very one way or the other kind of lifestyle but why shouldn't individuals be somewhere in the grey area?

Sometimes life can be fun when you can see things from both points of view.

I'm a firm believer that nobody is 100% straight or 100% gay. I think the labels we assign to sexuality make life a lot easier for us to process and understand each other but assigning us as individuals to those labels can often be a bit confusing. It's only when you look into such things and gain an understanding of terms like bicurious and hetroflexible that you begin to realise things are allowed to be grey. From my experience it's pretty unusual to find many hetrosexual men who are that open minded about the issue?

I guess that's very much where I was with the poly/mono debate.

Now I'm musing in my own head as to whether I could cope being truly polyamorous... I think I could cope with screwing some other girl with my partners permission, I wouldn't be able to focus or enjoy it without, I think I would struggle even more with allowing a partner I loved to be with other men
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