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This past week has been a mixed bag. I'm really getting into my new position at work, but worked an 11 day stretch due to meeting planned on my usual days off that I needed to attend. Hopefully it won't happen again for a while as it is exhausting and I know that I am more cranky and sensitive when I don't have down time.

Wendigo has begun to tell his friends in his RP group about me, including asking me for permission to show one of them my picture. We've come so far from our early days of being afraid to hug each other good bye because we were on the DL and are now to a place of not caring who knows; telling those who it is relevant to and letting the others come to us if they really want to know. Things have been moving slowly with his sister in law and her kids moving out. Their dad is still waiting on the bank to process the closing on his new house, so he can move, and they can take over his old house, this has made for a very stressful and anticipatory summer for them. It's hard to not be able to help.

I'm also struggling with how to be supportive of Runic Wolf right now. I know he's struggling with his inability to find another partner. He and his ex connected on so many levels, I really felt she was perfect for him, so the break up has been particularly hard on him and he hasn't really had any luck since. I hate to see him hurting. This week has been particularly difficult because she and I have been in contact (we've stayed friends) and she really wants to spend time with me/ us and he isn't ready.
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