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LOL...that sounds eerily familiar!
I have to say, it's a poly stereotype, but in my experience it's been true. And more than that, the poly-pagans have assumed that anybody "spiritual" enough to be poly are pagans. The anarcho-poly and atheist-poly folks get together monthly and laugh at them.

Funny enough they're not opposed concepts...but that's a discussion for another forum...other than to say it's possible to love the same time....equaly....yadda yadda yadda.
I love you.

capitalism and the environment, you mean?
I militantly believe this is the case. I'm a huge fan of sustainaable living. I'm a capitalist, and yet... a huge fan of breathing clean air, drinking clean water. I believe there are better ways to protect these important things. My favorite tools? Pursuasion and dialogue. If you're interested in my perspective on the situation, please feel free to send me as message or start a thread.
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