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Default Couple in Utah, not quite sure what to look for!

Well, as the title states, I honestly have no idea what we are looking for. Being that I am a pansexual (I know, third post, second time using that word), I do not really have issues with anything, but the other half of this is not quite as lenient.. Though I am the official "water tester". Better to start off with a toe dip then a full-on cannon ball.

Uh..anyways, I am getting off topic here. My name is Balthazar, I am 23, and looking to meet anyone that might be interested in something. I would either prefer someone who is a complete novice like myself, or someone who has life times of experience. One is a little more realistic then the other..

So please, feel free to contact me in any way available to you! I am really quite excited to see what comes of this. Live as if you were dying tomorrow, learn like you are to live forever, right?

DISCLAIMER: I drag on, and I apologize.
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