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Zelda and I held hands as we walked along the beach, cuddled in a sea cave, and kissed on a rock in the shallows. It was a good day.

Now I am ramping up my energy for my trip to visit family. I'm packed, I've done a crap load of housework, and I've spent as much time as possible with Keith to hopefully help us not go crazy during this week apart. Usually I limit trips without him to a 4 day max, so a week is going to be pushing it.

I'm also debating on whether or not I should even attempt to reconnect with Bashful. He contacted me to tell me vaguely what's been going on, but refused to elaborate. He also randomly ended the text conversation (just by not talking anymore - not even an abrupt goodbye). I'm pretty sure I should just be done, but I'm oddly curious to know what's going on and if my presence had anything to do with it... One of the other women he was dating had an issue with him dating me (apparently she didn't approve of the age gap) so I wonder if his primary partner has similar feelings. Hmm... I just can't decide if the potential drama of continuing is worth satisfying my curiosity. The likelihood of a worthwhile relationship resulting seems slim, so... I don't know. We'll see how I feel after a week away from poly-land.
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