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I can't see how anyone could rightfully judge a person 'bad' for playing it safe. But, i would caution that you may be more likely to get it from someone who does NOT think they have it, than someone who knows they have it.

I say this because it is often A-symptomatic or people don't realise thats what it is. Anyone whose had a cold sore, has the herpes virus.

At the same time, i have been sexually active with my husband for early 15 years, without condom use and he hasn't gotten it. Because we are careful, I take my meds, we both keep an eye out for any skin irritation and we don't play if theres any sign I MIGHT be getting a break out (I always feel itchy before a breakout).

In addition, I have been sexually active with my boyfriend on/off for 18 years, without condoms and he hasn't gotten either.

On the otherhand, every woman my ex has been with has gotten it because he refuses to get tested for that. A 'full sti test' around here does NOT incl testing for herpes, hiv or a host of others! And the dr's do not tell you unless you ask.

So people say (and show) papers saying they are STI-free, but they were only tested for gonoreah, chlamydia and syphilis.
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