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So I just had a lovely long weekend at home and then saw the 'London Girl' today, I spent all weekend over analysing things and decided to just ask her for her input. Turns out I shouldn't have spent all weekend worrying and over analysing. She actually seems fine with the idea.

I've explained that I don't want to choose where I live based on which girls live in each country and she seems to understand this logic and can appreciate what I'm saying that neither girl is a threat to the other.

The thing I can't understand is her view on true love; she thinks that there is one person out there for each of us and if we're lucky fate will bring us to each other, she just wants to have fun along the way until she meets that person. That is a lovely romantic idea but seems slightly weird (and very scary) to me and I don't know how to interpret it. Have I just trashed all romanticism in her head by confirming that I couldn't possibly be her 'one' long before either of us could ever really know?

I guess my view that there are many people out there that we could build a relationship with is just a stepping stone towards polyamory. The difference is (under normal stable conditions) I would normally say that I want to find one of those people and build a relationship with her. Whereas a polyamorous person would look at such a situation and say that since there are all these people I am capable of building a relationship with why not build a relationship each time I meet any one of them?

Now I'm not in normal stable conditions given that I don't know where my futures going, so this is influencing my train of thought and that's why I wonder whether it may make most sense to describe myself as situationally poly? If such a thing exists?

Either way I'm very glad I had this conversation with her. She seems to be falling for me a lot more slowly than I am for her and is very open minded about our futures. I think her positive attitude (and general ability to appeal to my filthy kinky mind) is making me fall for her even more. I think she's just proved to me that I do over think things and over analyse things far too much. Having got all that out the way I feel more able to relax and put things into perspective

The next thing to establish is a timescale for my move but this means talking to my boss and finding out his views on everything.
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