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Default perfect match, yet I have no attraction.

so here's the deal, the girlfriend and I have been working on being poly/open for a while now. We're not quite there yet, but we're on our way. No, that's not the dilema.

about a month ago we got a couple roommates who are amazing! We both love them very much. We could not have asked for better roomies. They are a couple, both of whom are quite attractive. We made an agreement before they moved in, roommates will be off limits.

now, this is the point where you're expecting me to say one of us is falling for one of them or visa versa..... No, believe it or not. The issue is this: the girl we'll call her K, and I are a perfect match, she even likes and dislikes every food I do (just as an example). We theoretically should be all over each other, but I find myself having no feelings for her other than purely platonic. Has anyone else experienced this? Because it is new to me. Obviously it's not bad, but it's well, perplexing.
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