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Default I think you are misreading me!

Couples relationships are hard in this economic environment, polly can be even harder and chaotic, jealousy is not sopposed to happen but it does, a second may believe she is more suited to the male but nobody realized this at first, or the male gives more attention to the second, that burns the first, A male is not always the dominant, some are so dumb they carnt even manage a check book, a female may be smarter and more positive in managing family matter,s.
All I am saying is that its better to know these dynamics going into a regular relationship even more so in a polly situation where there is more than the couple, family structure is a good thing, when each willingly does what they promis to do, then the group or family clann as a whole have more time to enjoy and play together and are much happyer, able to attain goels as a individual with support of the group, moving forward as a group to make life easyer and happy, other wise it falls on the same people doing for the others that causes resentment of being used, Of course their are others that may complain but actually enjoy living in a dump where every body is waiting for someone to do the laundry, do the dirty dishes, pay the rent where jealousy is ripe, where nobody cares and life is full of resentment hellish and chaotic, thats why its important to have a three month or less as a vetting period depending on the individuals.
Now you can pick this apart all you want,
thats my take and those of successful others and im staying with it.
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