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I admit when I lived w. my g/f i took out the trash and recyclables and never cleaned the bathroom even once or vacuumed. I did clean the kitchen and cook. I didn't really think about how much I was playing a gender role until just now.

I wasn't the breadwinner, either! I was going to school and she was pregnant and working until her last few weeks. We had separate finances. I don't know if I did my fair share of housework or not, but I kind of got the impression she liked to clean. Or at least more than I would. Now that I'm living somewhere else, I clean my bathroom about once every couple months and vacuum a little less. It doesn't seem to get dirty enough to warrant more?

I think my attitude towards chores was that I would do them when they needed to be done. Dishes in the sink? wash em'. trash full? take it out. But I would look at the bathroom and think: "bathroom? Clean enough. It'll hold another week or two." I think Nyx would see the same bathroom and think "There are germs all over this place!"
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