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As much as it is a response you don't want to hear, this is one of those situations where keeping a level head and giving things a bit of time can really make a world of difference. New relationship energy is powerful stuff and it really does make you forget about EVERYTHING else. I actually just came out of my NRE with my boyfriend of 6 months and fortunately for me my fiance was pretty patient waiting for me to get my head out of my ass.

But it was scary. At times I wondered if I really didn't love him as much anymore because I was so obsessed with my boyfriend. I was constantly torn as to if I was giving him enough time and affection while at the same time desperate to spend as much time as possible with my boyfriend and getting a bit resentful if he pushed me to be away from my boyfriend.

Now that I'm coming down out of that haze, I am discovering a much more balanced relationship between the two, and now they are even going off to play video games without me (not excluding me, I'm just really not interested in playing) and leaving me to feel like the third wheel occasionally. This is a new development that I wasn't thrilled with at first, but I think I need to take this opportunity to learn how to have time for myself again, as that is an aspect of my life that has been lacking.

So yeah, it is scary and it can take quite a while before all the NRE dust settles and you can look at things a bit more clearly. Just make sure to keep meeting your boyfriend's needs while you explore and discover a new person and remember that this new and shiny feeling happens with almost all new relationship and it will ALWAYS fade over time. Give it time to fade before you make any rash decisions.
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