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I sometimes joke that I am a born again atheist. (I think we are born with no beliefs and are taught religious beliefs.) I was Christian for most of my youth and lost my beliefs around age 13. Most of the polyamorous people I know are atheist/agnostic, pagan, liberal Christian or Buddhist.

I sometimes lump atheists and agnostics together since they are two different statements. Atheist just mean "not a theist" or someone who is not a believer. Agnostic is just a statement of what can be known. So someone can be a gnostic atheist (knows there are no gods) or an agnostic theist (believes in a god, but can't prove it 100%). Most atheists/agnostics I know are agnostic atheists. (Can't prove 100% that there are no gods, but see no reason to believe in one.) I think agnostic just sounds less controversial, so people pick that as a label over atheist.

I think a Christian can be poly, but I don't think you will find many conservatives ones. I think it depends on how much focus is given to the different parts of the Bible. Focusing more on the love and less on the Old testament rules, and I think you can have Christianity be very compatible with polyamory.
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