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This is kind of an old topic, but since I didn't stick around much after I joined, I figured I'd bump my intro thread just to kind of reintroduce myself.

My boyfriend is now my fiance, and I have a new boyfriend that I am seeing as well. In two weeks, we are all moving in to a townhouse together. I have been seeing my boyfriend since January and my fiance and I are looking to be wed next June.

Neither of my partners has another partner at the moment. Each of them has had at least one other hook-up, with my fiance having a few more, but none that have panned out into any sort of relationship yet.

I figured that this could be a good place to come back and just discuss things in general, since most other facets of my life aren't too poly friendly. We did find a local poly group, and we go to their monthly meetings quite regularly.

So I guess hello again everybody. :-D
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